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Welcome to the official site for Gavin Mayer,

critically acclaimed theatre director.

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Born and raised in Colorado, Gavin has been working in the theatre since the age of nine.  Attending college on an acting scholarship, Gavin earned a BA in Theatre from the University of Wyoming and earned a secondary teaching credential from the University of Northern Colorado.  Gavin taught at Pomona High School in Arvada, Colorado for 10 years where he co-founded and coordinated the Pomona Arts and Humanities program.  During his high school tenure, Gavin earned an Master of Arts in Directing from the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. 


Discovering his passion for directing musical theatre, he resigned his high school position and returned to graduate studies and earned an MFA in Directing from The School of Theatre at Florida State.

Upon graduation, Gavin returned to Colorado where he began directing at The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, a LORT B/D theatre in the suburbs of Denver, where he's worked on over 25 productions, including numerous regional and world premieres.  He's also enjoyed the great honor of directing at more intimate theatre throughout the Denver area.

Gavin was most recently appointed to the faculty at Itahca College as an Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre and Directing. Gavin still travels throughout the year to direct productions.

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What the critics say...

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"Under the direction of Gavin Mayer, it's an utterly festive outing rife with performances ranging from deft to guileless." - Miracle on 34th Street

Lisa Kennedy - The Denver Post

"Director Gavin Mayer has pulled out all the stops for John Kander and Fred Ebb's minor musical romp, making it majorly entertaining."  - Curtains

Lisa Kennedy - The Denver Post

"…the rising narrative takes a wonderfully theatrical turn — no spoilers — and under Gavin Mayer’s direction, the drama is consistently absorbing." - The Mountaintop

Joanne Ostrow - The Denver Post

"’s director Gavin Mayer who’s responsible for the superior casting and hilarious break-neck pacing." - Curtains

David Marlowe

"Director Gavin Mayer perfectly balances the real and the theatrical, the campy and the genuine, the spectacle and the tenderness.  Mayer understands that this is musical comedy, and the audience should have fun." - Curtains

North Denver Tribune

"Director Gavin Mayer was excellent in choosing an outstanding cast for this demanding show and his blocking was so effective, especially for such a large cast. I also have to give him props for the natural ease and flow of this musical."

- A Christmas Carol the Musical

Michael Mulhurn - Broadway World

"Director Gavin Mayer has assembled a very strong team to bring this eye-catching production to life." -Disney's Tarzan

Deb Flomberg - AXS

"Director Gavin Mayer has done a great job of continuing The Arvada Center’s reputation for excellence in musical theatre with his superb casting as well as his enlistment of the great technical artists one finds in abundance at this venue." - Disney's Tarzan

David Marlowe

"Director Gavin Mayer knows when to speed things up and slow things down and elicits excellent performances from all. The setting is unique among Christmas shows, and the sense of period is palpable in the comic and serious moments, the music, the characters and the costumes. All of it feels just RIGHT." - I'll Be Home for Christmas

Patrick Dorn - Patrick Dorn Reviews

"Director Gavin Mayer, along with music director, David Nehls and choreographer, Kitty Skillman Hilsabeck keep it all light, fast, fun and frothy." - Legally Blonde

Noah Jordan - 303 Magazine

"Director Gavin Mayer gets every part of White Christmas right, from the patriotic moments to the romantic mischief and the upbeat holiday message." - White Christmas

Bill Wheeler - Theatre Colorado

"Director Gavin Mayer pulls out all the stops with The Mountaintop; the climax is a fitting immersive feast for the senses that pulls the threads of the story together.  Working with a great script, a marvelous cast, and the Arvada Center technical staff, Mayer tells a an unforgettable story that respects both King's humility and Katori's vision." - The Mountaintop

Bill Wheeler - Theatre Colorado


A Christmas Carol: the Musical                                                                                    Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

Elf: The Musical                                                                                                              Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                    *Regional Premiere

                    *Henry Nomination for Best Musical

                    *Highest Grossing Production in the 40+ Year History of the Theatre ($1.1 Million +)

Joseph…Dreamcoat                                                                                                        Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                      *Henry Nomination for Best Director of a Musical

                      *Henry Nomination for Best Musical

                      *2nd Highest Grossing Production in the 40+ Year History of the Theater ($1Million +)

Baby Dance                                                                                                                     Cherry Creek Theater – AEA/LOA

I’ll Be Home For Christmas                                                                                           Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                     *World Premiere

                     *Henry Nomination for Best New Work

4000 Miles                                                                                                                       Cherry Creek Theater – AEA/LOA

The Mountaintop                                                                                                            Arvada Center – AEA/LORT D

                     *Henry Nomination for Best Director of a Play/Best production of a Play

                    *Regional Premiere

 White Christmas                                                                                                            Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                     *Henry Nomination for Best Director of a Musical

Harvey                                                                                                                              Arvada Center – AEA/LORT D

She Loves Me                                                                                                                  Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                       *Henry Nomination for Best Musical

Over the River … the Woods                                                                                         Cherry Creek Theater – AEA/LOA

Guys and Dolls: in Concert                                                                                           Lone Tree Arts Center – AEA/SPT

Memphis (Asst. director)                                                                                                Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                        *Regional Premiere

Disney’s Tarzan                                                                                                                Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                          *Broadway World Nomination for Best Director of a Musical

                          *Regional Premiere

The Great Gatsby                                                                                                            Arvada Center – AEA/LORT D

                           *Regional Premiere

End of the Rainbow (Asst. Director)                                                                              Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                          *Regional Premiere

Christmas Carol: the Musical                                                                                         Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B     

Curtains                                                                                                                             Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                        *Henry Nomination for Best Director of a Musical

                        *Henry Nomination for Best Musical

                        *Regional Premiere

 Miracle on 34th Street: the Musical                                                                             Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Asst. Director)                                                                     Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                         *Regional Premiere

 Legally Blonde                                                                                                                Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

                        *True West Award Winner: Best Musical

                        *True West Theater Award Nomination: Best Director

                        *Denver Examiner: One of the Top 5 Live Denver Theater Productions 2012

                        *Regional Premiere

Chess (Asst. Director)                                                                                                      Arvada Center – AEA/LORT B

Forever Plaid                                                                                                                    Post Playhouse – Ft. Robinson, Nebraska


 University Productions

-Ithaca College-


-University of Nevada, Reno-

     Urinetown: The Musical (in production)           

     Turning Points: A Musical Showcase

 -Florida State University-

      Jesus Christ Superstar                                        MFA Thesis Production

     Bus Stop

     Oedipus Complex (Devised)

     Random Acts of Violence                                    Workshop Production

     The Dangers of Smoking                                     In Conjunction with ACTF

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